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Santa Cruz Silat Affiliations

Mike Roberto

Group Leader for Santa Cruz Silat and
select affiliates in the U.S.

Dec. 1996 - May 1997:  PDT Bukti Negara

Aug. 1997 - Sep. 2012:  VDT Serak, Sera Plinck

May 2013 - Present:  PDT Bukti Negara (unified)

Walter van den Broeke

Technical Director and Head, Europe

PDT BN - Biel, Switzerland
PDT BN - Asti, Italy
PDT BN - Cologne, Germany
PDT BN - Gothenburg, Sweden
PDT BN - Heidelberg, Germany
PDT BN - Herstal, Belgium
PDT BN - Milan, Italy
PDT BN - Netherlands
PDT BN - Paisley, Scotland
PDT BN - Rugby, England
PDT BN - San Salvo, Italy

Select U.S.A. Affiliations

None at this time

There are other groups in the U.S. who practice various incarnations named Bukti Negara as it evolved over the years but we do not have visibility into what they are teaching and we have no affiliation.  We wish them well.